What is the Holy Bible?

The Bible is a collection of books, inspired by the Holy Spirit throughout history, that was collected and put together by the Bishops of the Church through prayer and designated as sacred scripture. The individual books of the Bible were pulled from the people of Israel and are historical and poetic works from their lawgivers, their prophets, their kings and historians. The Bible also includes historical accounts and letters of the Apostles of the Church.Together, the Bible tells the story of God’s action in the world from its creation, through his love and care for his people, culminating in his entrance into his creation as Jesus and his adoption of all peoples through his sacrifice on the cross and creation of a Church. It tells the story of God’s unfailing love for humanity and his desire to unite with us through Jesus, the Word of God, who is both the beginning and the end.

Where did the Bible Come From?

Most people can’t imagine Christianity without the Bible, but for the first 300 years of the Church the Bible didn’t exist as we know it today. Each of the books of the Bible existed as documents that were read during liturgy and used by the Church, but they weren’t curated by the Bishops until the fourth century at the Council of Laodicea. After the council, In 382, Pope Damasus I commissioned St. Jerome translated the scriptures into Latin from Greek, Hebrew and other languages. The Bible was finally settled during the Synods of Hippo and Carthage as a compilation of books in a single language to be read by the greater Church between 393 and 397.

Why do some Bibles have more books than others?

The Bible used by the Catholic Church is the original and first Bible approved by the Holy Spirit through the discernment of bishops in prayer and translated into one single language. During the Protestant reformation over 1,000 years later, a few select books that didn’t fit the viewpoints of the reformers were removed by these men from the original scriptures. From the beginning, the Catholic Church has held scripture, tradition and the teaching authority of the Bishops as the vehicles through which theological and dogmatic teachings and pronouncements are made. As such, the Catholic Bible will never be altered or changed to deviate from tradition or accommodate changing viewpoints on theology.

Praying with Scripture

One of the best ways to pray is to read scripture, take a pause and add yourself into the story letting your imagination journey through the stories of the Bible and allowing God to speak to you through the narrative of his life and your life together. This form of prayer is called Lectio Divina and has been used by the saints and mystics of the Church. If you are looking for help praying with scripture, find a prayer group or Bible study near you.

Is the Bible True?

The Bible is the inspired word of God given to his people over thousands of years. Because the Bible is inspired by God it contains the true and living words of God. That said, it is important to understand that each book of the Bible was written by different authors, in different styles, to different audiences. Some of the books of the Bible are historical, others are allegorical, others are correspondence among communities, some are songs, some are prayers, some are legal documents laying out laws and rules. As such, readers of the Bible need to have an understanding of the audience, purpose and style of each book to understand the full truth the Lord is communicating to us in scripture. To help, there are many great Bible studies and small groups that can bring you deeper into what the Lord is communicating to us in scripture. Find a bible study today.